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Are they discontinuing cvs brand pantyhose

Nude Photo Galleries Are they discontinuing cvs brand pantyhose.

I even asked for you guys help in finding a new brand, but got no leads!

For some reason, the stores in my area seem to think no one black lives in the county. I found two pair of the pantyhose in a CVS somewhere.

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Then, about a month ago, I posted the following status on Facebook:. You know what that was about?!?! It was about me finally finding a CVS stocked with the Silken Mist line in my colors and size … on sale and with coupons!!!

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I grabbed every pair that they had 6 and have been hitting the hosiery aisle every time I find myself in a CVS!! I snagged one hard and no run!! Gotta be prepared in the event of another neutral pantyhose drought.

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Pantyhose companies take note!!! Stop being oblivious and blind. I do understand when you find a product you like and they discontinue it.

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I went shopping for Pantyhose a while back with my mom. I am going to try and find those run resistant joints tho!

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Have you ever heard of BrownSugar pantyhose. The larger ones carry pantyhose and knee highs in a wide variety of colors.

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And at their prices if you snag them — no love lost. Thank You soooo much for this post!

Im so glad somebody finally ad something Ive had the same problem. It was good back in the day when I could get them at Walmart, but now CVS does seem to be the only place…. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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