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Was 13, saw the pubes of a year-old maybe even older woman, went into the bathroom and spanked the monkey. Not proud of myself….

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I worked in a restaurant for a few years, and we had Mothers and embarrassing masturbation make pizza dough and cut it into small g portions and rolling them into balls of dough. After a while, being a horny yo, I noticed the pizza dough had a really similar feeling as boobs, and even a similar shape.

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So at the end of one of my shifts, I left with 3 of these dough balls and went back home. WTH was I thinking?

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When I was like 13 I had a fetish for camel toes so one time I drew one on the foggy shower door and cranked down. I came from a very religious family and my internet activities are closely monitored.

I had to take what I can get. Had a seat behind the wing and watching the flaps deploy for landing just did something for me.

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The sound of my roommate and his gf also was a roommate banging. She would moan so loud the entire apartment building could hear. Was watching a female lesbian orgy porn on cable when I was a teen.

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