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We each get our social value from our ability to have done these or our readily available access to doing them, dating for women and casual sex for men.

Instead of trying to convince anyone not to be with these people I decided it was in all of our best interests to learn how to identify the male and female equivalents of this list by College Candy. The Juicehead — Why you love him: I bet he could put me in positions no other man could.

The fact remains that outside of simple eye candy this guy has nothing to offer anyone, even if he does have his own tv show. Fake Breasts girl — Why we love her: I bet she could do things to my dick that would make Sasha Grey blush.

The Boaster — Why you love him: All her friends are guys for two reasons: The Musician — Why you love him: One of my best friends is a musician and that dude traps more fur than Daniel Boone.

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Other than the fact that his music can melt the panties off J. Edgar Hoover I think this is simply because his music is emotionally apprised, can command a room full of people and looks good doing it.

His music is responsible for more pregnant women than a black man at a Jenny Craig convention! The Stripper — Why we love her: This girl is full of hopes, dreams and excuses why those dreams never came true.