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Last week, the Olympic Committee banned Russia from participating in the next Olympics, because the national team had systematically cheated on its drug tests. Apparently, the Russians had implemented a strategy to allow their athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs without getting caught.

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Last year, the lead investigators of the TOPCAT trial -- an NIH study of spironolactone in heart failure Do russian women cheat reported that sites in Russia and the Republic of Georgia had recruited patients that probably did not have heart failure, and that the patients did not take or were not given the study medications. Some believe that the investigators pocketed the funds from the NIH without doing the work.

In the s, the chess grand master, Bobby Fischer, accused the Russians of rigging tournaments. Fifty years later, the Democrats have accused the Russians of rigging presidential elections in the US. In an opinion piece, the New York Times claims that cheating is an inherent feature of the Russian government's way of doing things.

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Is cheating central to the Russian way of life? My parents came from Poland, but they spoke Russian.

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Interestingly, they did so in my presence only when they wanted to communicate so that I would not understand what they were saying to each other. The New York Times made the point that -- in the Russian language -- there are two different words for truth: Istina is the unshakable truth, which is rooted in knowledge and reality.

Pravda is the truth that is evident on the surface; it is the subjective norm for thinking and acting. Apparently, growing up in Eastern Europe means learning how to survive. If your survival depends on cutting corners, you do what you need to do to live. It is always a calculated risk, but the risk may be worth taking if no one is watching.

My parents understood the Russian meaning of pravda. I do not know if they relied on it to survive the horrors of World War II.

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When they immigrated to the US in the late s, the only concept of truth at home was istina. There was a simple reason: This dualism is not unique to Russia.

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