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Gorgeous woman and super sexy veiny feet. I love that she doesnt feel she needs breast implants. Veiny feet drive me crazy. From a night time walkabout and nothing was really working out, I was sat on my backside taking an LE of a line of trees until I looked down there at my feet was this dried and can I say, very veiny looking leaf. So, with the Tamron on Macro focus I got this shot with the condensation forming on it's broader side. I switched the WB to Flash to warm this up a bit Ebony veiny feet under the street lights this really Ebony veiny feet out.

So, looks like the heatwave is back for another bite before the Autumn decline should naturally start, hope everyone is well this week, much appreciation to the comments, faves, feedback and engagement and so as always, thank you!

Ah, the light on this tissuey blossom, highlighting its furled veiny petals and contrasting ruby center! Seaside Mahoe or Thespesia populnea is a delightful coastal tree.

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It has tissuey, Hibiscus-like flowers which open as yellow and turn to pink and ruby red as they mature. Next the petals fall and the center of the sepal cup transforms into a burgeoning apple-shaped fruit.

Its heart-shaped leaves are a delightful bright green. One of its common names, Thespesia, means "divinely decreed" and was given by Ebony veiny feet Solander who saw it in Tahiti as a member of Captain Cook's ship. Indian tulip tree is an evergreen bushy tree. It grows to 40 ft or more with Ebony veiny feet spread of 10—20 ft.

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It has heart-shaped leaves and cup-shaped yellow flowers that are produced intermittently throughout the year in warm climates. Each flower has a maroon eye that ages to purple.

The flowers are followed by apple-shaped fruit. Ground up bark is used to treat skin diseases Indiadysentery and hemorrhoids Mauritius Leaves are applied to inflamed and swollen joints Ebony veiny feet IndiaWhen cut, the young fruit secretes a yellow sticky sap used to treat ringworm and other skin diseases, South India Roots are used as a tonic.

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There is some modern investigation of the plant's effects on high blood pressure. Thespesia populnea, Malvaceae Mallow family. Large shrub, small tree to 25 feet in height with a spreading habit of growth.