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Oxidative stress associated with cardiovascular disease CVD risk factors contributes to disease development.

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However, less is known whether specific subcellular components play a role in disease susceptibility. In this regard, it has been previously reported that vascular mitochondrial damage and dysfunction are associated with atherosclerosis. Endogenous mitochondrial Rangan protein lick stress is an important CVD risk factor that can modulate atherogenesis and cytokine-induced endothelial cell oxidant generation.

Consequently, CVD risk factors that induce mitochondrial damage alter cellular response to endogenous atherogenic factors, increasing disease susceptibility. Cardiovascular disease CVD is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the Western world Rosamond et al. Although the underlying etiology of CVD development is still somewhat controversial, there is a general consensus that atherosclerotic lesions result from oxidative stress associated with CVD risk factors.

Clinical Rangan protein lick epidemiological studies have clearly shown that increased low-density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol levels are associated with increased atherogenic risk, and subsequent studies have revealed that LDL must be oxidatively modified to damage the arterial wall and endothelium Liao et al.

Similarly, tobacco smoke exposure was identified as a major atherogenic risk factor in the Rangan protein lick heart study Seltzerand epidemiological evidence has unequivocally confirmed that smoking is a major CVD risk factor Glantz and Parmley Clinical data from additional studies demonstrate that both active and passive smoking were associated with accelerated atherosclerosis progression as assessed by the increase in carotid artery intimal-medial thickness Howard et al.

Despite overwhelming evidence indicating that tobacco smoke is one of the most significant risk factors for CVD development, essentially little is known about the fundamental processes of how it increases CVD susceptibility.

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Mitochondria are multifunctional organelles that are essential for a variety of cell functions, including energy production, thermogenesis, apoptosis, and redox signaling. Mitochondrial mutation, damage, and dysfunction have been associated with a broad spectrum of disorders, including CVD Ballinger et al.

Materials and Methods

Because SOD2 is essential for the regulation of mitochondrial oxidants, we hypothesized that altered endogenous mitochondrial oxidant stress can influence atherogenic susceptibility.

Diet and water were supplied ad libitum.