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Women getting head shaved

XXX Video Women getting head shaved.

Pop culture is littered with women who've shaved their heads. Their circumstances are usually dire: Natalie Portman sobbing violently as a jailer chops away clumps of her hair in V for Vendetta ; Demi Moore glaring at her own reflection as she barbers her way to belonging in the hypermasculine world of G.

But the truth is, speaking with the women who've actually done it — an implicit refutation of mainstream American beauty standards, whether intended or not — reveals a range of stories and reasoning that go beyond this narrative of duress.

Thought it's arguably no longer the rare practice it has been in the U. My head was shaved in Cuba as part of a ritual ceremony.

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Conceptually, the ceremony is about rebirth into a new, stronger spiritual self and the head-shaving is part of the symbolic birth. The traditional process of this ritual means one cannot look at themselves in a mirror for [three] months.

Women getting head shaved, because I am [an American] and they recognized the context here was different, I had the option of [allowing mirror use]. It was horrifying — not because of how I looked, but because it was so disrespectful. The personal is political, so [for me, shaving my head was political].

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