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Text abbreviations parents should know

Adult Videos Text abbreviations parents should know.
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This is really just to help you understand that this kind of language exists in the first place. And yes, there will be completely new ones by the time you have these memorized. Should I secretly spy on my teen using a tracking app?

Parental protection software firm Bark,...

How to talk to teens and tweens about using tech safely. This makes her very happy.


I will definitely be passing this on to my Baby Boomer followers. Unless, evidently, you are in a biker gang?

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I see it used quite frequently, in context, and use it myself, of course YMMV. Dave, we agree on WTF.

Use it ourselves often. We will always be ahead of adults. Ok god i have to say it.

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Im a sixteen year old girl and we use maybe a tenth of those. Me and my friends were seriously shocked and laughing our asses off or lmao-ing because this was so ridiculous.

Ok so for example — can i copy your homework?

We will flat out ask: If a two kids wanna hang out, they will say: Not some big secret k? Less than half of these are used. However, I can say that I totally understand why a parent would feel like they need these. This world is changing, and not for the better.


Never in my life have I heard of most of these acronyms. These are all made up. I know this for fact, because I just put them in front of 30 teens.

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As we said, slang of any kind will vary by state, by region, and even by school. They were all made up…by someone.

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