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Miley spent a significant portion of her show scantily clad in extremely compromising positions that had us thinking pretty much about only one thing: A porn starring the Bottomless miley cyrus nude and only Miley Cyrus.

Here's Miley Cyrus, bent over the hood of a car in her custom-made leotard by The Blonds, which apparently has a very high-cut thong. Remember when Miley got millions of panties into a twist with her scandalous MTV Video Music Awards performanceduring which she bent over in front of singer Robin Thicke?

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This somehow seems so much worse. At least you can't say you weren't warned: Miley's stage background consisted of an image of a giant "Parental Advisory: While ths might be the least explicit moment out of her whole show, she's still riding a giant hot dog, which definitely counts for something.